Welcome to Maxies Subbuteo and table soccer.

A webstore and site to bring together players and collectors of tabletop sports games.

Maxies sell teams from Subbuteo, Zeugo and other main makes as well as hand painted and decalled teams from cottage producers.




Maxies primarily creates team boxes for your sides, we specialise in club sides not normally catered for by mainstream producers, also supplying unpainted teams with boxes ready for you to create yourself.

This site does not cover the history of the game, for that we suggest you go to Peter Uptons site which covers the various periods of figures production and kits comprehensively.

We have sourced subbuteo relevant affiliates to post adds onto our website, we have done this so we can increase our stock, pay for themes to our website and generally keep this site going, also we are hoping that we can use funds raised from our affiliate adds so we can look to import Sector Soccer over to the UK.  Coming soon is Sector Soccer which is a mix of Gombfoci from Hungary, Futbol Boates from Brazil or Futebol de chapas from Argentina.  There are a number of rules with button football and we have found them translated into English, the beauty with sector soccer is that 1 team can be used to play most versions of the game.  How the affiliation works is if you click on one of our add links to Amazon etc.  and buy anything from the site during that browse session (anything) Maxies Subbuteo gets a small commission to help us look at importing a new game.

 Subbuteo the game Subbuteo Barcelona Game Set Zeugo Grandstand

We use ebid as a hosting site for our items, they are an international site and will convert items into the currency of your choice.

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You can use the buy it now option on all items there and we can invoice you through paypal.  Also joining ebid is free, but also a great place for internet sellers as they have a range of packages to suit.

You do not have to use paypal as we can also accept PPPay, cheques, money order or cash.

For cash we accept £UK, $US or euros.

Ebid provides all the safety and security that is needed in todays online e-commerce and protects your purchases as well as gives you secure timelines.

However if you do not wish to join ebid simply download our sales sheet and email your order to Maxiessubbuteo@gmx.co.uk and we will invoice you through paypal and will send you an invoice sheet to your email address.

Maxies Subbuteo also sells through ebay as bgc1975rhos however we always place them on that site as auctions, if you see an item on one of our social media platforms Pintrest, Facebook, Tumblr, Google+, Twitter that is not listed email us as we may have it ready to go on sale. but not listed on the website.